TUNNEL | 一种感动设计工作室

“TUNNEL"取自“隧道、巢穴”之意,TUNNEL这款坐具为主人提供便利的休息空间,也给宠物提供一个 玩耍的空间。它采取模块化的理念,弯曲的外形不断组合形成隧道的感觉,营造一种纵深感,给宠物视觉上的体验,具有互动性和趣味性。

"TUNNEL" is taken from the tunnel, the meaning of the nest.This seat provides a convenient seating space for the host and also provides a space for the pet to play. It is also possible to combine multiple TUNNEL shapes, and the curved shape continues to stretch to form a tunnel feeling. Creating an environment and atmosphere where people interact.