N1梯凳 | studio dejawu

“n”形轮廓是由层压桦木(胶合板)折弯而成的。一根横木贯穿“n”的两个侧面,其榫卯结构,使“n”形 不会在水平方向上外张或内合,并通过插入的实木踏板来锁定整体结构。作为一个开放性定义的家具物件 既可以用来踩踏以拿取高处物件,或是坐下小憩,同时也可以作为咖啡桌或床头几

N1 Step Stool/studio dejawu
"n" shaped outline is formed by laminated birch bending (plywood bending). A stick is holding 2 sides of n-shape by its Tenon joint, which keeps the n-shape without being expanded inward or outward, horizontally. As the first step to put your foot on, the wooden plank insert and its gravity ensure the stability being strengthened. This step stool, as an open definition furniture item, either helps people pick stuff from the high position, either to sit on it, or uses as a coffee table or beside table