BULLIT实木黑陶台灯 | 杨旗航

龙山黑陶,是继仰韶文化彩陶之后的优秀品种,古老的汉族制陶技艺。是距今4千多年前中国新石器时代晚期的一种文化。黑陶是陶胎较薄,胎骨紧密,漆黑光亮的黑色陶器,具有高雅、简炼、明快的特点。 黑陶的黑并非上釉,而是碳化的结果,因此黑陶制品还有净化空气的作用。 然而黑陶文化的传承遇到了瓶颈,黑陶沦为单纯的装饰品,造型语言停滞不前,缺少在生活方式上的尝试。我希望将黑陶和现代人的生活做一些结合,做出一些具有生活气息的创意产品,让黑陶这种独特的材质在当下的生活中重新发声。


Longshan Black Pottery is an excellent pottery art form after the Yangshao culture and the ancient Han pottery. It is a culture of the late Neolithic period in China more than 4,000 years ago. Longshan black pottery is a black thin ceramic pots with tight fetal bones and dark black color.The material is elegant, high-textured,the black color is not glazed, but the result of carbonization, so black pottery products also have the effect of purifying the air.
However, the inheritance of the black pottery culture encountered a bottleneck, the black pottery was a simple ornament, the modeling language was stagnant, and there was no attempt at lifestyle. I hope to combine the life of Black Potter and modern people and make some creative products with a sense of life, so that the unique culture of black potter art will re-sound in the present life.

Going deep into the birthplace of Longshan black pottery, the one-month black pottery exploration tour finally brought this black pottery table lamp. The lampshade part adopts a large area of openwork, challenging the limits of the process and has a high risk of failure. The simple form is easy to integrate into the modern home environment, while purifying the air for health reasons. The black pottery lampshade combines with the base of the pear wood to contrast and coordinate in color and texture, resulting in a discreet elegance.