Bamb模块沙发 | 良匠家居设计

Bamb模块沙发是以一个靠背与座位单元作为一个模块,利用单个模块放置空间的拼接组合,实现不同的组合方式,满足不同空间的使用需求。其设计灵感源自于竹材的柔韧坚强的特性,对其标准化加 工成竹条,用线条的弯曲改变竹子受力的强度,整体设计简约,优雅。

Bamb Modular Sofa/LiangJiang Homeware Design
Bamb sofa is a backrest and seat unit. It is a module which uses single pieces to place different combinations and to meet the needs of different spaces. The design inspiration comes from the flexible and strong characteristics of bamboo. It is standardized into bamboo strips. The bending of lines changes the strength of Bamboo under stress. The overall design is simple and elegant.